31 Abrazos

Last week Pedro Neira posted an article announcing the close of operations for MiMediaManzana, the startup he led for six years. The article is a fresh example of transparency and leadership from a leading founder in Peru.

Peru’s startup community stepped up by adding comments to the post congratulating Pedro and thanking him for writing the article. Fellow founders, investors, and ecosystem actors – even from outside Peru – contributed support. As of today, there are 31 comments on the public post and 36 additional comments on a separate post on Pedro’s LinkedIn page.

This type of affirmation and support will make it easier for other founders to stake out on their own, dream big, stick it out through tough times, and make a lasting impact.

The Peru startup community has grown stronger under the leadership of Pedro and founders like him. MiMediaManzana may not exist after June 20th, but if this type praise is any indication, we have not seen the last of Pedro Neira.

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