6 founders reaching new heights

The founder journey is never a straight path. It is long, winding, and involves multiple stops along the way.

Next time you’re looking for advisor or mentor consider the founders below. They have lived through the trials of a launching startups and never stop learning.

Cesar Hoshi recently wrote about learnings from his previous startup MiMediaManzana. He’s taking those ideas to Rappi, where he is now Product Manager of Operations and Restaurants.

Alana Visconti, joined La Victoria Lab as Head of Talent, after founding Mesa247 with Pedro Callirgos. She applied her experience leading teams and managing people to the innovation arm of Intercorp Group.

Diego Echecopcar, founder at Bocadio, is now leading the scale-out of dark kitchens across Peru. Diego was previously co-founder and Managing Director at SV Links.

Pedro Neira, founder of MiMediaManzana is now Chief Growth Officer Comunal and advisor to Rebabjatuscuentas. Comunal is a well-funded Coworking company which has recently entered Mexico. Pedro will be helping them with growth strategy. He recently wrote about his experience at the helm of MiMediaManzana.

Diego Poblete, now founder of Inversion Simple, was previously Community Manager at WeWork. Diego closed his startup Roomva and is now working at Inversiones Simple. His recent post on learnings is a must read for seed stage founders in Latin America.

Jorge del Carpio, and Endeavor Entrepreneur, joined Varengold Bank as Senior Vice President of Marketplace Banking after being part of the founding team of Latin Fintech.

Last year, two other founders Giancarlo Secco and Gisela Peralta , transitioned to new positions where they could add their perspective as startup founders. Giancarlo as Head of Tunki at Interbank and Gisela as Marketing Lead at Krealo.

It is refreshing to see founders in Peru move on to new challenges and share experiences with others. They are the mentors, advisers (and investors!) that will support our startup community in the future.

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