9 disruptive startups in Peru

As the Peru startup community grows, so does the number of startups with truly disruptive solutions.

These startups have some combination of the following characteristics:  (i) tech savvy co-founders, (ii) regional or global market from day one, (iii) data-driven decision-making, and (iv) new or tweaked business models.

Here are is a list of 9 startups in alphabetical order:

  • AmigoCloud – Collaborative mapping platform with a cloud-based dashboard
  • Anda – Watch with a has messaging system and symbol language to allow parents to connect with their children
  • Apurata – Loans to the un-banked in under 30 minutes
  • Arrivedo – User-centric guide that helps travelers to find and enjoy experiences around their hotels
  • Ecovol – Device that lowers gasoline consumption by up to 20%
  • Quantum Talent – Software with AI to automate recruiting and selection
  • Simcase – In-class simulations that allow students to have engaging learning experiences on-campus
  • Space AG – Imaging and software solutions that help optimize crop production
  • Valia – Data-driven real estate platform to provide information to owners, buyers and renters.

This list is not complete, and does not include many edtech and fintech startups which are all providing solutions that will bring transformational impact to those industries. I expect this list will grow over time as more founders in Peru push the envelope and seek to disrupt the status quo.

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