¿Porque invertí en Rextie? – Entrevista con Amparo Nalvarte, Culqi

Hace un mes en el Peru Venture Capital Conference, Amparo Nalvarte, CEO y co-founder de Culqi compartió que tomó la decisión de invertir en Rextie, otra startup peruana en el sector de fintech. Rextie es un startup en el segmento de operaciones bancarias relacionados a cambio de divisas, ofrece un mejor tipo de cambio, comodidad … Continue reading “¿Porque invertí en Rextie? – Entrevista con Amparo Nalvarte, Culqi”

Entrevista José Garcia Herz

Jose Garcia Herz es Managing Director de Winnipeg Capital y miembro del Comité de Inversiones de Winnipeg Capital Startup Fund. Ha invertido en más de 15 startups en Perú y Latinoamérica en distintos niveles de madurez.   Tiene amplia experiencia no solo en startups, sino también en administración de fondos, banca de inversión, gobierno corporativo, planeamiento … Continue reading “Entrevista José Garcia Herz”

The startup community we imagined

Imagine a world in which Peru startup Manzana Verde raises from FJ Labs, Fitia gets into Y Combinator, Fitco gets into Techstars, venture capital analyst Enzo Cavalie lands a job at a top US venture firm, and serial founder Amparo Nalvarte begins investing in startups. This is the world we imagined for the Peru startup … Continue reading “The startup community we imagined”

Innovate Summit brings together the region’s top entrepreneurs

Most conferences in Peru have themes that are variations of “How can we build a better future?” Well, next week’s Innovate Peru Summit shows that the future is here and is being built by tech entrepreneurs. With speakers like David Velez, CEO of Nubank, Mariana Costa, CEO of Laboratoria, and Simon Borreo, CEO of Rappi, … Continue reading “Innovate Summit brings together the region’s top entrepreneurs”

Towards a digital transformation of Peru

Many dominant corporations in Peru are currently in the midst of digital transformation. These initiatives to incorporate new technology help companies to maintain market share and add value to society by offering digital solutions to customers.  But, haven’t corporations had enough time to figure this out? Isn’t something still missing? Isn’t time for a new … Continue reading “Towards a digital transformation of Peru”

50 female founders you need to know

The Peru startup ecosystem has consistently seen women hold critical leadership roles. Most importantly, they are leading top performing technology startups. Many have been recognized internationally and others have raised money from venture capital funds. Below is a list of (more than 50!) founders with the names of the startup each founded and other notable … Continue reading “50 female founders you need to know”

Peruvian among WeXchange 2019 finalists

For the third year in a row, a Peruvian founder is one of the six finalists for the annual WeXchange Pitch Competition. Sully Siucho, co-founder of Rebajatuscuentas.com, will join five other female founders of startups across Latin America at WeXchange 2019 in Paraguay on November 13th and 14th. WeXchange is an event run by BID … Continue reading “Peruvian among WeXchange 2019 finalists”

Next level

Getting to the next level requires next level talent. Two startup transactions were front and center at PECAP’s May meetup. During the meeting, Ragi Burhum announced the sale of AmigoCloud, and Alain Elias, president of PECAP, shared the Q1 report, highlighting Krealo’s investment in Culqi. A common thread in both startups is the founders’ superpower … Continue reading “Next level”

Corporates in Peru look to startup founders for help

Yesterday fans of Universitario, a historic football team in Peru, became fans of Joinnus, a once-small startup launched in Lima. The fans used Joinnus’s ticketing platform to purchase 30,000 seats in 10 hours. This beat the previous record, for a Peru national team game, of 72 hours. Joinnus is one example of a startup that … Continue reading “Corporates in Peru look to startup founders for help”