A different type of scale-up

Startup founders are not the only ones in Peru who are scaling regionally. Investment professionals and ecosystem actors are also making the jump from local to regional roles.

Here are a few recent examples of people that started locally before taking on regional roles at venture capital firms.

Daniel Franco, a co-founder of Yaqua, a Peru-based startup, is now an associate at BNSG, a global venture capital firm. Daniel is a graduate of the University of Lima.

Elizabeth Acuña leads dealflow for Angel Ventures in Peru and Chile and is the project manager of the WeXchange Pitch Competition, the primary selection event for female entrepreneurs in Latin America. Elizabeth is a graduate of UPC in Lima.

Enzo Cavalie recently joined the team at Dalus Capital, a regional venture capital fund based in Mexico. Enzo started his career at Winnipeg Capital, one of the most active early stage investors in Peru. He has contributed for Ruta Startup and recently launched a blog, The Columbus VC. Enzo is a graduate of Pacific University in Lima.

Yanira Caraza recently joined Seedstars as a regional coordinator. She began her career in the Peru startup community at Angel Ventures. At Seedstars, she is following the steps of Romulo Navarette, a Peruvian who now holds a key leadership role as Head of Operations at Seedspace. Yanira is a graduate of UPC in Lima.

Carlos (Sama) Samame was the first professional on this list to scale up his career beyond Peru. He jumped from the Wayra Peru team to a similar role at Wayra UK. Carlos is a graduate of the University of Lima.

Other Peruvians who currently hold regional investment roles are Maria Pia Morante of Acumen and Adelina Dasso of Acción.

In Peru, Luis Narro, of Swiss EP, and Pedro Aramburu, of COFIDE, have both successfully built early career paths by taking on leadership positions. They are making an impact by articulating public policy initiatives and executing ecosystem priorities.

The startup community offers an opportunity for young professionals to quickly take on challenging regional roles. This is both a validation of the talent in Peru and shows the integration of the regional ecosystem.

Are you a student or young professional looking for a regional springboard to your career? You can follow this link to see active venture capital investors in Peru. A new job with one of them in Peru could lead to big a regional role in the future!

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