Accelerated start to 2019

January has started off with a bang in the Peru startup community, with multiple options for accelerating your startup.

Endeavor Peru ScaleUp is already on its 3rd generation. The program connects founders with top global mentors. 500Startups is a great opportunity to receive capital from a top investor in the region and enter Mexico. Peru startups Decompris, Apurata, Rebajatuscuentas, and Fitco all participated last year. Sully Siucho of Rebajatuscuentas shares here what see learned in the 500Stratups program.

Keep in mind that some programs like Liquid Ventures Studio have rolling admission that allow founders to apply any time during the year.

These programs provide opportunities for exposure, mentoring, and (sometimes) money, for your startup. They can also be a great way to travel and explore market opportunities outside of Peru.

The application process will give you a good chance to sit down with your co-founders to put in writing your goals for the year, articulate your value proposition, and practice your pitch. If you don’t get in, don’t despaír. It’s normal! and doesn’t mean you won’t get in next year. Simply going through the exercise will be beneficial. It’s only January, there will be more opportunties throughout the year!

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