Articles – Pedro Neira, Startups to Watch

Over the past week, two great articles were published that I would like to highlight:

  1. Building a Startup in LatAm: Advice from 4-time Serial Entrepreneur Pedro Neira Ferrand
  2. Peru Startup Snapshot: Part 1. Top 10 Startups to Watch in 2018

The first article is an interview with Pedro Neira, the founder of MiMediaManzana and an Endeavor Entrepreneur. Pedro spoke with Founders Network about his experience as a serial founder in Latin America. This is a must read for all leaders and feeders in Lima. Pedro is a founder that consistently gives back to the Peru startup community by sharing his story and meeting with other founders. He has also paved the way for future founders by educating local angel investors on how to evaluate and invest in startups.

The second article is a list of ten dynamic Lima-based startups by Ana Sofia Almagro of I-DEV. She gives a great summary of a diverse set of startups that have achieved traction in Latin America. Ana Sofia observes that these startups are “embracing Peru’s strengths” by identifying sectors like “agriculture, food, and biodiversity– as core opportunities that differentiate the country.” Startups that achieve success in Peru in these sectors will be well positioned to compete globally.

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