ASEDI brings together tech entrepenuers in Peru

In another clear example of tech entrepreneurs in Peru coming together in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, a large group of startup founders launched ASEDI, Asociación de Emprendores Digitales.

ASEDI’s mission is to re-activate Peru’s economy with digital solutions. The Association seeks to be the larget network of tech entrepreneurs in Peru. It is off to a good start with over 200 members to date. If you are a tech entrepreneur in Peru, go to the website to learn more and register.

The leadership team of ASEDI includes Anson Tou, CEO, of Qempo. Anson is a founder that values transparency, diversity and colaboration. I have learned a lot from how Anson gains insights from customers, inspires his team and communicates with investors. These skills will serve him well as he and the rest of the leadership team build the foundation of ASEDI.

In healthy, founder-led, startup ecosystems, tech entrepreneurs have platforms to share stories, collaborate for mutual benefit, and promote public policy. This insures the interests of other ecocsystem actors doesn’t get in the way of entreprenuers’ goals.

ASEDI is another step in the right direction for Peru’s startup community.

ASEDI is holding an event June 25th at 7pm to launch you can register to attend here.

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