Startup investor pitfalls

I recently spoke to Fernando Langschwager about his startup,  After a short time, he looked at me and told me I was asking the wrong questions. For novice startup investors like me, it is easy to fall into the trap of evaluating startups from the wrong perspective.  I spent the rest of the chat with Fernando listening to his views on where I was getting off track and he helped me come up with three pitfalls startup investors fall into: Continue reading “Startup investor pitfalls”

Valuation Benchmarks

Comparable transactions are a great benchmark for founders and investors and one way to get comfortable with a startup’s valuation as it is raising capital. There are many ways arrive at valuation and a range of values using multiple methodologies often provides more comfort than a fixed number extended out to various decimal places. Continue reading “Valuation Benchmarks”

Análisis Cohorte

Yo uso mucho el análisis cohorte para entender comportamiento de usuarios en una startup. En etapas tempranas es la mejor forma de llegar a un estimado de LTV (lifetime total value) verdadero de un cliente. Es una métrica importante para entender los unit economics y estabilidad del negocio. A mi me ayuda a entender el compartameinto natural del usuario. Adjunto un template sencillo y ágil que uso y que me permite muy rápido entender la dinámica de las startups que evaluamos.
Análisis Cohorte