Global and Regional Startups in Lima

Global and regional startups are entering Lima and having a relevant impact on our ecosystem. In some cases they represent a threat for local players, including startups. However, overall the effect is to inject the startup ecosystem with talented, tech-savvy managers.

For this new crop of first-time founders, larger startups are a great training ground. Working as a country manager or key professional in a well-funded global startup in Lima is a founder-like experience. Arguably more relevant than earning an MBA or working in a management position at a large corporation in Peru. These founders have experience launching and leading agile teams through a rapid growth phase. They also understand best practices in technology development.

Regional Startups
Regional Startups in Lima

One example of this profile of founder from a well-funded regional startup is Facundo Turconi, who went from country manager at Afluenta to found Solven. Facundo successfully raised capital from local angel investors in Lima and was selected for the Endeavor Scale-Up program. Another founder, Luis Miguel Rubio, formerly of OLX,  recently launched Decompris. Luis Miguel is one of two Peruvian founders to go through the recent 500 startups batch 8 in Mexico.

Global Startups
Global Startups in Lima

Some important examples of founders coming from global startups are Courtney McClogan, who led Cabify’s marketing operation from Lima prior to launching Runa and Carlos Lau, formerly Uber’s operations and logistics manager in Lima and now founder of Kurios.

I expect big things from these four founders.  Watch out for them and others like them. I am confident that global and regional startups will continue to churn out future founders who will be key drivers of the Lima startup ecosystem.

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