Good governance

Good things happen when you put the right people in change. This is true of the public sector leadership of the innovation ecosystem in Peru.

Major progams require broad support and coordination across government entities. Ministries of finance decide the flow of goverment funds, development banks are entrusted achieve a return on investment, and program managers ensure sound implemention with capacity building.

This collaboration was key to the recent launch of a $20 million fund of funds to allocate capital towards startups in Peru.

Here are the people spearheading major innovation initiatives in Peru:

María Alva, Minister, Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas

Pamela Antoloni, Directora General de Innovación, Tecnología, Digitalización y Formalización, Ministerio de la Producción

Rosmary Cornejo, Coordinadora Ejecutiva del Programa Nacional de Innovación para la Competitividad y Productividad, Ministerio de la Producción

Aimi Yamamura, Development and Innovation Manager, COFIDE

Mosi Mosquera, Senior Specialist – Private Sector Development, IDB Lab

We are at a great moment in Peru for the innovation ecosystem in which public servants are working together to promote initiatives that will have a long term impact.

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