Make it easy to say “yes”

Photo by Julian Lozano on Unsplash

Startup founders have an uphill climb to acquire new clients and raise money from investors.

If you are a startup founder, in order to achieve your goals, you will have to do other people’s work for them. The good news is that when you do, you will increase your probability of success.

Need an intro request to a potential client? Write a draft of the email.

Raising a round? Create a data room. Have your unit economics ready. Build a financial model.

Ready to close with and angel investor? Send the legal docs.

Don’t wait for people to ask. If they are interested, they will.

By pre-empting requests, you will be signalling that you are on top of your game and executing with speed. Since investors don’t often have time to peek under the hood of your startup, the way you manage the capital raise is their only view of how you operate.

Nothing about startups is easy. But, people like easy. If you do their work for them in advance it will be harder for them to say “no” and easier to say “yes.”

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