Marcos Brujis: A legacy of borderless optimism

Marcos Brujis was a loyal Peruvian whose embrace of humanity expanded from Latin America across all emerging markets. Over his long career as an investor, he inspired billions of dollars in capital to support projects, companies, and entrepreneurs all over the world.

Marcos was born in Lima in 1952. After studying at McGill, he worked at HSBC, then joined the IFC where he spent the better part of many years traveling the world persuading asset managers to dedicate funds to Latin America and other emerging markets.

One of the early milestones of his career was launching a transformative investment fund for a pivotal time in Peru’s history. Marcos was “founder, board member and key fundraiser for the Peru Privatization Fund, a $200 million fund launched in 1995.” According to the IFC, the “debt/equity conversion fund expected to contribute to the country’s stabilization and structural reform program both by helping reduce Peru’s external debt and by stimulating investor interest in privatization.” 

Over his career at IFC, Marcos played a leading role in establishing the Asset Management Company, where he became CEO in 2017. An IFC press release from that time notes that “to date, AMC has made investment commitments of $6.0 billion and distributed $1.7 billion to investors.” 

Marcos’s default state of optimism allowed him to see potential where other investors saw risk. Many of the funds he raised had the objective of proving the return potential of a new market or asset class in order to stimulate a multiplier effect of additional capital in the future. He was a Peruvian whose impact on emerging markets, and emerging market investing, will be felt for a long time.

Marcos was an investor who put people first. I know, because I am one of the people he impacted. I had the opportunity to work for Marcos for two short months. He wrote a letter of recommendation that helped me land my first job in Peru, where I have been for the last ten years.

Marcos’s life and career put him in the pantheon of the most impactful investors (and people) in Peru’s history.

Thank you Marcos.

You can read more about Marcos’s life and make a donation in his name to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network here.

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