New entrants

Last year, I wrote about investment professionals from Peru taking on regional roles in the venture capital industry in Latin America. Well, the talent pool of Peruvians working in the startup community in Latin America continues to grow.

Three investment professionals with great previous experience have jumped right in to regional roles. It’s a great validation that they (and the rest of Peru’s venture capital talent pool) are at the level of their peers in other countries in Latin America.

Alexandra Jenkins joined ALLVP as Senior Analyst this year and is focused on Human Capital. She previously worked as a managment consultant at McKinsey after graduating from Universidad del Pacifico.

Paul Linares joined Seedstars last year as Country Manager Colombia. He is an entrepreneur at heart having founded Local Taste Peru. Paul has also worked at Philip Morris, Alicorp and P&G after graduating from Universidad de Lima.

Luis Enrique Flórez Parodi is Summer Associate at Endeavor Chile while he studies for his Master of Public Administration at Columbia University. He previously work for 2.5 years at ProInversión, Peru’s private investment promotion agency. Luis Enrique graduated from Universidad Nacional de Ingenería. You can read more about him in this excellent article.

Working in venture capital in Latin America is by definition a regional job. The geographic scope of the role is one reason that the sector attracts top talent like these three professionals.

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