Power to the people

Don’t be fooled by all the upbeat stories about startups. Disruption is uncomfortable for some. Startups represent real threats to inefficient processes, bad actors and powerful incumbents.

A cell phone is now a tool to help address the gaps in society where government and business solutions have proved insufficient. Startups use technology to give power to everyday citizens and help them solve large societal issues.

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

Here are some startups in Peru putting power in the hands of the people:

  • Recompensame allows travelers to report flight issues and, in turn, receive compensation from airlines. The startup will hold corporate airlines to higher standards.
  • Vipa allows citizens to take and upload videos of infractions and report them to authorities. The startup makes it harder for bad actors to avoid consequences for breaking the law.
  • Keynua, allows people to use e-signatures to facilitate transactions. The startup could make the inefficient notary service process, currently so prevalent in Latin America, less necessary.

If they are successful, a lot of people will be happy – a few powerful actors, perhaps less so. All in all, they will change existing paradigms and improve key issues of accountability and trust in Peru and Latin America.

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