Scale-ups making a mark

Crehana, Tekton Labs and Xertica are making a big impact on Peru’s startup scene. These scale-ups are led by tech savvy founders who have proven ability to scale their companies.


The companies are:

  • Hiring top-talent
  • Growing their teams quickly
  • Expanding regionally with operations and customers outside of Peru
  • Building business that generate cash
  • Attracting interest from regional and global investors (Salesforce Ventures and Endeavor Catalyst invested in Xertica)
  • Led by Endeavor Entrepreneurs who are giving back (Kenneth Lopez of Tekton Labs is the Endeavor Entrepreneur of the year in 2018 for his hours giving back to other founders and Saul Chrem of Xertica is a board member of startup Quantum Talent)

This is good news for our startup ecosystem. Based on a recent Endeavor Insight(1) report, “entrepreneurship communities become productive by generating a relatively small numbers of companies that reach scale.”  By building these companies, founders Diego Olcese, Kenneth Lopez, Saul Chrem and Luis Arbulu are playing a part in making Lima a productive entrepreneurship community.

(1) The Endeavor Insights report is called “Fostering Productive Entrepreneurship Communities: Key Lessons on Generating Jobs, Economic Growth & Innovation,” and was  funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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