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Email newsletters in the Latin America and Peru startup communities are an efficient way for new entrants to get plugged in and existing players to get up-to-speed.

The following is a list of some of the best. Follow the links below for versions of the newsletters or websites where you can sign up.

Peru Startup Ecosystem Newsletters

Below are some monthly newsletters from Peru ecosystem actors:

  • LVS, HUB UDEP, and UTEC Ventures are accelerator programs with some the the best email newsletters
  • SwissEP has developed a model newsletter for their allies within the Peru startup ecosystem. You can sign up here.
  • Angel Ventures sends out a monthly email to its angel investor network, AV Network, with one-pagers of selected startups
  • Revista Gan@Más has an email newsletter with a wide range of articles for Peruvian entrepreneurs and investors
Personal Perspective Newsletters

Here are some sites run by investors that share each time they post or through weekly newsletters

  • Nate Lustig writes frequently and has a podcast where he interviews founders and investors that is approaching 100 episodes
  • Columbus VC is a site launched by Enzo Cavalie, an investment professional at Dalus Capital, has launched a site, to share his experiences and engage others that are starting careers in venture capital.
  • Latin American VC is a site managed by Diego Serebrisky of Dalus Capital
  • Ruta Startup has a weekly mailing each Friday that you can sign up for on this page.
Latin America Ecosystem Newsletters

These are weekly newsletters I subscribe to with great information on the entire region.

  • Dataplor is the best newsletter I have seen on the economic and geopolitical issues, especially in how they related to technology and startup ecosystems
  • Latham List and Contxto are great resources for current events related to startups in Latin America
  • Lavca VC Bulletin is the most thorough overview of venture capital activity in the region with information on founders, funds, deals and other current events.
Mapping and Research

Subscribe to these to stay up to date on the best research and mapping exercises.

There are all great resources. Ecosystems work when information is shared openly it cuts down the friction of sharing ideas and learning.

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