Show your colors

The first time I saw Hugo Piñarreta pitch his AgTech startup Agros was at the PAD DemoDay. He was wearing work boots and a collared shirt with the company logo. He didn’t dress like other startup founders, but he did look like he just came from a client meeting in the field, which transmitted a powerful message.

When you pitch, be true to yourself and don’t hold back. Use the time to show off your emotions, product and even your startup logo. It is an effective way to connect with potential investors and pitch competition judges.

Martín Beas Núñez (getlavado) and José Arellano (MonkeyFit) showing off their startup logos

At the UTEC Demo Day, I saw Jose Arellano with a MonkeyFit logo on his shirt and Martin Beas Núñez with the getlavado logo on his hat.

The Wabu logo on a light post in Lima

Most of the time I see Fernando D’Alessio, he is wearing a jacket. Walking around Lima I often see the logos of Wabu. One of the founders, Daniel Portugal, has even covered his car with a big Wabu logo.

I’m not suggesting you go that far, but there is no reason not to wear your logo proudly. You may inspire investors or talented team members to join you in your mission. At the very least, it is marketing that will help lower your all-important Customer Acquisition Cost!

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