Startup solidarity

Solidarity among Peruvians has remained strong during the first weeks of the goverment-mandated quaratine period. Citizens are staying home and doing their best to manage the challanges brought by the novel coronavirus.

This solidarity of the general population has extended to startups, many of which are in a great position to provide support. In some cases, this support comes in the form of providing resources and ideas for managing time at home. In others, startup support comes in the form of a digital channel to provide direct resources to people most in need.

Mesa247 has a campaign that allows consumers to purchase gift cards for restaurants, providing a crucial source of cash flow for businesses. This revenue can be used to pay employees until the quarantine period is lifted.

Smart Doctor is providing free medical advice for Covid-19 related symptoms.

Check has extended its educational offering to public school students in Peru. To date, it has reached over 25,000 children with content that allows them to keep learning at home.

Get on Board is providing a key resource to companies who have a need for new, technical, flexible talent. The startup has opened its job platform up for free for remote positions.

Fitco is helping people stay fit and healthy while at home. The startup has opened its BUTIQ Live experience for free.

These and other startups are stepping up to provide an efficient channel for people to recieve information and money. Their fast-thinking founders and agile teams allow them to react quickly to solve new problems. Peruvians have shown true solidarity the last two weeks, and startups have allowed citizens to put that solidarity into action while remaining at home.

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