The 2020 PECAP Directory is out!

Last month the Peruvian Seed and Venture Capital Association, PECAP, published its Directorio de Miembros PECAP 2020. This is a great step to provide access to information on active early stage investors in Peru.

Startup founders in Peru and Latin America looking to raise capital can use the Directory as a resource. Along with contact information for each investor, the Directory provides information on investment thesis of each member and types of investment.

The Directory answers key questions upfront so founders can prioritize investors based on strategic fit, potential value-add, likelilood of closing, and round size.

It is great sign for our startup community to see a critical mass of investors with distinct value propositions at different stages of the capital stack.

The 2020 Directory includes new members Acumen Latam Capital Partners, Ataria Ventures, AWS and Invest Partners.

Please check it out!

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