When is the right time to set up an International HoldCo?

Members of Peru’s startup community have collaborated with advisors outside Peru to develop a report outlining considerations for startups evaluating creating international holding companies.

When should a startup evaluate creating an international holding company?

  • As early as possible, but only after outlining future strategy and financing options
  • After startup has enough money to pay for set-up and operating costs
  • Before accepting capital from local sources who might be affected adversely by  local tax rules or before receiving funding from an accelerator or venture capital fund outside of Peru

You can find a link to the report here: International Holding Company Considerations

We hope this is a resource for founders and investors to understand issues prior to engaging legal counsel.

A big thanks to the founders and advisors who helped develop the report. They will be a great resource for founders in Peru who go through the International HoldCo process in the future.

  • Alexandra Orbezo, Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas
  • Alvaro Arubulu, EY
  • Andrés Gjurinovic, EY
  • Andrew Mattson, Moss Adams
  • Courtney McColgan, Runa
  • Dan Green, Gunderson Dettmer
  • Debbie Jaffe, Endeavor
  • Diego Olcese, Crehana
  • Eric Save, K&L Gates
  • Greg Mitchell, Angel Ventures
  • John W. Rockwell, Foley & Lardner
  • Jose Miguel Porto, Porto Legal
  • Nicholas Pattman, Walkers
  • Patrick Wakeham, Apurata
  • Pedro Callirgos, Mesa247
  • Sofía Yagüe, Private Advising Group
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