2 years of Ruta Startup!

We started Ruta Startup two years ago to share the progress of the Peru startup community through the eyes of people across the ecosystem.

It wouldn’t have been possible over the last twelve months without the writing and feedback from active members of the startup community, including Luis Narro, Jose Garcia Herz, Jia Li Tan, Andres Benavides, Enzo Cavalie, Ivonne Quiñones, Carlos Rodrich, Anson Tou, Renzo Reyes, Elias Mufarech, Diego Bartra, Ernesto de Olazaval, Charlotte Ducrot, Paola Mego, Valeria Reyes and Oriana Fuentes.

It is also a great time to thank some of the people that inspired the site and motivated us along the way. Thanks to Chris Heivly of Techstars who gave Andres Benavides and I the initial push to get Ruta Startup of the ground. Nathan Lustig’s and Diego Serebrisky’s sites on investing in Latin America were important examples for me when Ruta Startup was getting of the ground. Since then, Contxto and LatamList have launched sites to share information on startups and investments across the region. On right hand side of the site you can find links these and other resources.

The are now even more places to learn about startups in Latin America. Over the past year, it was exciting to see Enzo Cavalie launch his own site, The Columbus VC, sharing his perspective investing in startups from Mexico. Startups like Get on Board and Crehana are launching content to share ideas and Laboratoria has started a podcast.

Over the last year Ruta Startup has evolved as I began writing more in Spanish (thanks to Andres and Jose Garcia reading the drafts!) and sharing opinions on topics from family offices to disruptive startups.

New players are entering Peru’s dynamic startups community. They are moving fast and breaking things. They have opinions that come from new and fresh perspectives. Ruta Startup looks forward to learning from this new batch disruptors in the coming year!

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