How are we doing, Michael Porter?

Ten years ago, renowned Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter came to Peru to analyze the local competitive environment. His conclusions were shared in a presentation entitled Competitiveness: A New Economic Strategy for Peru. Now is a great time to take a look back and see what progress has been made as it relates to startups.

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Reventemos la burbuja

Hace dos semanas, después de las elecciones del nuevo congreso en Perú, leí un tuit del abogado Oscar Montezuma comentando los resultados electorales:

“. . . los limeños (me incluyo) tenemos que dejar la burbuja y recurrir a las ciencias sociales para entender lo que ha pasado ayer. Hay que dejar el “dicen que” e informarnos un poco más. La desconexión con el Perú real es total.”

Oscar Montezuma

Oscar estuvo hablando sobre la política, pero podría haber sido sobre la inversión en startups y el ecosistema emprendedor.  

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Peru HR Tech startups go to work

Human resources departments are one of the most traditional, and least digital, areas of many corporations. Now, progess is being made to find the right balance between implementing people management technology and maintaining a human touch. Startups across Latin America are developing solutions for improving human resource processes.

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Good governance

Good things happen when you put the right people in change. This is true of the public sector leadership of the innovation ecosystem in Peru.

Major progams require broad support and coordination across government entities. Ministries of finance decide the flow of goverment funds, development banks are entrusted achieve a return on investment, and program managers ensure sound implemention with capacity building.

This collaboration was key to the recent launch of a $20 million fund of funds to allocate capital towards startups in Peru.

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50 female founders you need to know

The Peru startup ecosystem has consistently seen women hold critical leadership roles. Most importantly, they are leading top performing technology startups. A few have recognized internationally and others have raising venture capital.

Below is a list of (more than 50!) founders with the names of the startup each founded and other notable recognitions, programs, and investors. This list is in alphabetical order by last name. Of the founders below, Oriana Fuentes, Courtney McColgan, Paola Mego, Ivonne Quiñones, Sully Siucho, and Maria Velez have previously written for Ruta Startup.

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Where are the family offices?

Family offices, a principal actor in the Peruvian asset management industry, have largely been absent from the Lima startup ecosystem. The local startup movement has seen significant investment from the government, angel investors, and regional venture capital funds – local family offices represent the next rung on the ladder.

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7 ways to maximize your fundraising options

Raising money for startups is hard. Harder still if you start in Latin America where there are still only a limited number of funding options. This effects how founders should consider the fundraising process.

Founders can focus on optimizing resources of talent, support, advice, contacts and money, in order to maximize future options. You will eventually reach the milestone you seek, but probably not in the way you thought when you first set out.

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