How to build a data room

When preparing to raise and investment round from venture capital funds it is helpful to prepare materiales ahead of time. Many funds have similar due diligence processes and being organized is a clear signal that you are ready to take on capital. Investors rarely see how founders run the day-to-day operations so how they manage the fundraising process is usually investors only window into how founders execute.

A data room, or shared folders, is a common practice for running a financial transactions to share information. You can control who sees what and when they see it, while at the same time being transparent and efficient.

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Startups going mainstream

We are now used to seeing startups win local entrepreneurship awards. There are more and more events in Latin America that highlight the entrepreneurial ecosystem and give exposure to founders.

Now we are starting to see local Peru startups win awards in local mainstream business events and international startup events.

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Power to the people

Don’t be fooled by all the upbeat stories about startups. Disruption is uncomfortable for some. Startups represent real threats to inefficient processes, bad actors and powerful incumbents.

A cell phone is now a tool to help address the gaps in society where government and business solutions have proved insufficient. Startups use technology to give power to everyday citizens and help them solve large societal issues.

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¿Porque invertí en Rextie? – Entrevista con Amparo Nalvarte, Culqi

Hace un mes en el Peru Venture Capital Conference, Amparo Nalvarte, CEO y co-founder de Culqi compartió que tomó la decisión de invertir en Rextie, otra startup peruana en el sector de fintech. Rextie es un startup en el segmento de operaciones bancarias relacionados a cambio de divisas, ofrece un mejor tipo de cambio, comodidad y seguridad que otras opciones tradicionales. Rextie ha podido alcanzar USD 500 millones de dólares el volumen operado desde su fecha de inicios de operaciones en enero de 2017, posicionándola como líder en su sector.

Amparo Nalvarte, Culqi

Ruta Startup tuvo la oportunidad de hablar con Amparo sobre sus decisión de invertir y cómo ese tipo de inversión “founder a founder” puede impactar la startup y generar un impacto trascendental en la comunidad de startups.

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👀 Who reads your investor updates?

There are plenty of resources out there to draw inspiration when writing a monthly or quarterly investor update for your startup – some even down to explaining why we need them.

So, here’s my own take on who really reads an investor update?

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Make it easy to say “yes”

Photo by Julian Lozano on Unsplash

Startup founders have an uphill climb to acquire new clients and raise money from investors.

If you are a startup founder, in order to achieve your goals, you will have to do other people’s work for them. The good news is that when you do, you will increase your probability of success.

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