PECAP’s new leadership team

The members of PECAP have chosen new leaders to set the course for the coming year and continue to build the venture capital asset class in Peru.

Maria Pia Morante, of Acumen LatAm Capital Partners, and Meghan Stevenson-Krausz of INCA Ventures became new members of the PECAP Board and continuity was achieved as Alain Elias, of PAD – Red de Inversionistas Ángeles , Martin Aspillaga, of Salkantay, and Jose Deutsua of UTEC Ventures will continue another year. Jose Deustua takes the helm as President, after the very successful leadership of Alain Elias that culminated in the recent publication of the 2019 Report.

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Startup strategy framework for Covid-19

Each startup in Latin America is affected by the repercussions of Covid-19 in a unique way. The impact often depends on how the startup entered the crisis and the sector in which they operate.

At the onsite of the crisis, forward-looking startup investors were quick to present action plans and decision matrices that stressed cost-cutting, hiring freezes and doing everything possible to extend runway.  The Sequoia Matrix and the Kaszek Survival Guide have been great resources founders in Latin America.

The precise measures to be taken are a bit more nuanced and there is no one-size fits all aproach.

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KPIs: Entendiendo el PxQ de tu startup

Entender y medir los Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) son claves cuando una startup está empezando a generar tracción. Es crucial para los fundadores y potenciales inversionistas observar y analizar estas métricas mensualmente debido a que ayudan a entender la lógica detrás del revenue y sus drivers. Los KPIs pueden variar de acuerdo al enfoque de la startup, B2B o B2C, y al modelo de negocio como Softwares-as-a-service (SaaS) o Marketplace

Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash
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Scenario planning

Startup founders are used to thinking big and building projections of exponential growth based on highly scalable business models. Weekly, monthly, and annual projections are the typical guideposts for determining whether execution is on plan. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused projections to go out the window.

Today, some much remains uncertain that it is impossible to accurately project what will happen. Startups need a new set of guideposts to determine what is happening and make crucial decisions on what need to be done.

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¿Cómo en Talently hackeamos nuestro camino a 500 Startups Latam?

Hola, soy Doménica, co-fundadora y CEO de Talently, un programa que prepara al talento tech latinoamericano para conseguir trabajos top en cualquier parte del mundo, y fuimos la única startup peruana seleccionada para el batch 11 de 500 Startups Latam de un total de 1,700 aplicantes de toda la región. Hoy les quiero contar de qué manera creamos una aplicación que nos permitió hacerlo aún con poca tracción, pero demostrando superioridad en visión, equipo y modelo de negocio.

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AWS steps up support of startups in Peru

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has increased its presence in Peru and, with that its support of local startups. Alex Harasic, who previously founded startup Operatio, is now Business Development Manager, Startups & Venture Capital, for Chile and Peru.

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Peru is setting an example

The current Covid-19 outbreak has put pressure on governments to act. Peru’s goverment has taken quick, drastic action. So far, it has stood out as a model globally.

According to the International Survey on Coronavirus, with over 100,000 participants so far, Peru sits on the spectum of most extreme government reaction and most truthful government communication.

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