uDocz’s investment round shows Peru is an Edtech hub

Peruvian start up uDocz recently announced an investment round led by GSV Ventures, one of the most prominent Edtech venture capital firms in the world. This is GSV Ventures’s first investment in a Latin American startup. GSV has previously invested in well known EdTech startups including Coursera, Degreed, and Guild Education. 

uDocz Founder Carlos Effio and his team of 20 employees have been hard at work over the past four years quietly building one of the largest libraries of Spanish language content for college students. uDocz’s customers are primarily university students and students studying to apply to university. uDocz’s active user base has achieved significant growth since the outbreak of the pandemic enabling university students to study remotely and continue learning. uDocz is an example of how disruptive edtech startups are transforming and improving the quality of education in Latin America.

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Market makers

All financial markets need market makers in order to remove frictions and facilitate transactions. While in the public markets, market makers buy and sell securities, in longer-term private markets, they can help set prices and build co-investment syndicates. This function allow capital that is sitting on the side lines to jump in. Nowhere is this more true than in nascent, immature markets.

In Peru, we are witnessing the positive evolution of the local venture capital industry. What was once a few one-off angel or family office investments in startups has turned into a vibrant, fully functioning startup ecosystem with multiple local funds investing actively.

A key market-making role has been played by three funds in particular: Winnipeg Startup Fund, Inca Ventures, and AVP Seed Fund I, where I work. Here are some of the things that we have done:

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Entrevista Oscar Galovich

Oscar Galovich Hopkins es un inversionista ángel en Perú. Ha invertido en Culqi, Fitco, Rebus y Equip Industry. Ha trabajado en el área comercial de Repsol y como coordinador logístico en Techo. Oscar se graduó de la Universidad de Lima donde estudió Ingeniería Industrial.

LinkedIn: Oscar Galovich

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Carta de Bienvenida- Innovación en el Estado

Después de un año y medio, hoy me despido de Innóvate Perú, programa que no solamente viene impulsando la generación de proyectos innovadores a nivel nacional, sino que una de sus mayores riquezas consiste en fortalecer, tejer e impulsar a los diferentes actores del sistema nacional de innovación en el país.

Me tocó la suerte de acompañar y dar soporte a la muy buena gestión de Rosmary Cornejo, quién acompañada de un gran equipo técnico y administrativo, cierra la exitosa etapa del programa Innóvate Perú antes de convertirse en ProInnóvate[1].  Toda esta gestión siempre acompañada desde el 2006 de un gran socio como es el BID, el cuál desde la creación de Innóvate, crean el primer mecanismo en el Perú de asignación competitiva  de recursos públicos para investigación e innovación.

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