2019 Year in Review

We are coming to the end of a banner year for the Peru startup community. The social movement, which began only this decade, has established a firm presence in the country and the region.

Here are the highlights from 2019:

Exitosos Exits. Startups AmigoCloud and Culqi attracted the attention of corporations and achieved exits for investors. Ruta Startup interviewed Amparo Nalvarte of Culqi about her recent investment in Rextie.

Series A Success. Crehana, an Edtech startup achieved a Series A round, demonstrating its success in scaling regionally from Peru.

Expansión al Extranjero. Peru startups entered regional accelerator programs and use them as a first step to enter new markets.

Ecosystem Evolution. PECAP, Peru’s seed and venture capital association reached over 20 members, including the most active startup investors and advisors. Seedstars was the new entrant of the year and Swiss EP reaffirmed its commitment to Peru.

Sector Strength. Fintech and Edtech sectors reached critical mass with multiple players offering innovative solutions.

Public Policy Progress. COFIDE announced the launch of a venture capital fund of funds that will act as a cornerstone for the industry for years to come.

It was a busy year with key milestones and steady progress that will set up the startup community to achieve more success in 2020.

Ruta Startup published 100 posts, including startup best practices and consolidated information in a Startup Toolkit.

A special thanks to all our contributors during 2019! There are some great ideas from founders, investors and other members of our startup community.

Jose Garcia, Valeria Reyes, Carlos Ganoza, Oriana Fuentes, Charlotte Ducrot, Enzo Cavalie, Ivonne Quinones, Anson Tou, Luis Narro, Ernesto de Olazabal, Renzo Reyes, Jia Li Tan, Carlos Rodrich

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