3 reasons to start talking to international legal advisors

Peru has an up-and-coming startup ecosystem. Not being first-movers in Latin America means we have the chance to accelerate our learning curve by looking outside Peru.  Talking to lawyers that have advised transactions (fundraising and exits) of startups all over the region can be a valuable use of your time even at an early stage.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Avoid common pitfalls. A lot of success in startups is about avoiding pitfalls and minimizing mistakes. Whether you are a founders or an investor, talking to people that have been through it all before is helpful. Late nights of worrying can be solved by a quick phone call – and lawyers work around the clock :).
  2. Position yourself for a future round. Lawyers that have overseen exit scenarios provide a perspective that is valuable for founders raising Seed or Series A rounds. This is perspective may also open up a new avenue that has not previously considered.
  3. First call is free.  You’d be surprised how much you can learned by just picking up the phone and having short call with a lawyer that has significant experience advising startups in the US and regionally. You may not decide to hire her now, but you will learn enough to identify options to consider. Debbie Jaffe, of Endeavor, and I, were able to put together an entire report on International Holding Company Considerations based on conversations we had with international and local advisors.

Here is a list of legal advisors based outside of Peru who supported the June 2018 study:

These lawyers will not replace local Peru counsel, you will still need them. Alexandra Orbezo and Jose Miguel Porto, two top venture laywers in Peru, have worked for both investors and founders in Peru and provided important insights for the June 2018 study. They also have significant experience in international transactions.

Below is a list of law firms in Peru, US, and Cayman Islands identified in the International HoldCo Considerations report.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 7.36.18 AM


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