3 things we can all learn from StartUp Perú

Last night the 7th generation of StartUp Perú was announced. 84 startups, including 14 from outside Lima, were selected to receive support from Innovate Peru, a program run by the Peruvian government.

Startup Perú has demonstrated the benefits of a consistent, multilevel, inclusive approach to building startup communities.

Lessons for the startup ecosystem:

Consistency. Seven generations in seven years is a high achievement, especially considering the political events in Perú over the same period. Lesson: Each event/program/generation on its own may not be perfect, but repetition and iteration are keys to startup success.

Multi-level. The 7th generation includes 62 early-stage (emprendedores innovadores) and 22 later-stage (emprendimiento dinámicos) startups, which will receive different levels of support. Lesson: The startup lifecycle requires different support at each stage.

Inclusive. Judges for the program come from the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and include founders, the leaders of the startup community. Lesson: Get founders involved.

The results of this approach are coming to fruition. The first generation of 23 startups included Joinnus, an event ticketing platform that recently reached 1 million active users. The success factors mentioned will ensure that the impact lasts many years in the future.

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