3 ways to make the most of the PVCC

The Peru Venture Capital Conference is one month away (October 16th and 17th in Lima).

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Unsplash

Last year, I wrote about how to prepare for the conference by researching the local ecosystem and relevant actors. This year, I want to share ways to make the most of your time at conference. In a conference with over 1,000 people is easy to get overwhelmed. If you are like me you walk in, and go straight for a corner!

Start planning now so you can manage your networking in a way that suits your style. If you don’t, the two days will go by like a blur and you will end up holding a bunch of business cards of people you can’t remember.

  1. Think of the conference as a week long event. During this time many people will be coming into Lima and setting aside time to meet outside the conference. If you are a founder you probably don’t have time to block out entire days of your schedule, but you can organize related activities on your own terms before or after the conference. Consider inviting investors to visit your offices and meet your team.
  2. Start reaching out to people now. Check out the conference website and see who is coming. Rather than using a conference has a way to exchange contact information and then follow-up later, reach out to people now to set up calls in the coming weeks prior to the conference. This will make conversations at the conference more productive.
  3. Get your pitch ready. Work on your elevator pitch and have your pitch deck ready to send out. You will have one minute to share your story and you want to make it count, then follow-up fast. Consider having a version ready in English.

This year’s conference has a great agenda. Make sure you have your own agenda that will allow you to make the most of it and cultivate long-term relationships.

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