9 interviews with founders and investors in Peru

Don’t worry, Ruta Startup is not launching a podcast.

Fortunately, there is no need. A great library of podcast content already exists for the regional tech scene, and the top podcasts in Latin America are interviewing members of the Peru startup community.

Here are a few podcasts featuring startup founders and investors in Peru.

Aquí & Ahora (El TecnoLatino Habla):

Juan Pablo Cappello has been involved in some of the most important transactions in venture capital in Latin America. In just a few months during 2020, he has amassed over a hundred interviews.

Crossing Borders:

Nathan Lustig is a pioneer venture capital investor in Latin America. He also launched the first podcast for the Latin America tech scene.

WeXchange Podcast:

WeXchange is the premier forum for female STEM entreprenuers in Latin America.

Along with the podcasts above, check out two podcasts that have launched recently in Peru: La Nueva Orden and Innovación sin Barreras.

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