Founders helping founders

This week during CADE Ejecutivo, a conference for business leaders in Peru, Endeavor Peru is playing an important role by showcasing some great startup founders. Endeavor is hosting various activities, including startup pitches, in one of the conference areas.

This year marks the 5th anniversary of Endeavor Peru. From the beginning, Endeavor recognized that founders are key “nodes” of a healthy startup community. As the startup community in Peru matures we are seeing more and more founders working with other founders as advisors and mentors. This is a natural evolution of the startup ecosystem and a great sign. Endeavor Entrepreneurs have been at the center. Here are a few examples:

These are four entrepreneurs who, while fully immersed in their current companies, still find time to circle back and get involved with other founders. It is part of their founder DNA.

It is no surprise that all four founders are Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Endeavor Peru, a pioneer of the startup ecosystem in Peru, continues to leave a mark by reinforcing the benefits of having founders give back. This creates a mutually beneficial virtuous cycle that will sustain and push our startup community.

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