Full circle

Last week Alvaro Collas, founder of Quantum Talent, became an Endeavor Entrepreneur. He joined other Endeavor Peru mentors, including Courtney McColgan and Luis Arbulu, who have crossed over from startup mentors to become ecosystem leaders as founders and eventually Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

We often talk about investors and founders as if they are two different profiles of people, and in early startup communities, this is often true. 

Five years ago in Lima, each ecosystem actor could be placed within a discrete category. Investors were investors, mentors were mentors and entrepreneurs were entrepreneurs. It was a rigid structure which limited learning and promoted a paternalistic perception of entrepreneurs.

Today, investors are becoming entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are acting as mentors and advisors. A virtuous circle has been formed. This is a sign of a healthy ecosystem in which actors are interdependent and build off of the progress of one another.

There are other examples of the virtuous circle in action. Investor, now entrepreneur Patrick Wakeham, started Apurata after first serving as an Endeavor mentor. Since founding Apurata, he participated in the Y Combinator accelerator program. Alfredo Fuentes, founded Innova Funding and later became an Endeavor mentor. Another example is founder Amparo Navarrete, of Culqi, who has taken the recent step to investment in Rextie.

Let’s keep the circle going.

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