Innovate Summit brings together the region’s top entrepreneurs

Most conferences in Peru have themes that are variations of “How can we build a better future?” Well, next week’s Innovate Peru Summit shows that the future is here and is being built by tech entrepreneurs.

With speakers like David Velez, CEO of Nubank, Mariana Costa, CEO of Laboratoria, and Simon Borreo, CEO of Rappi, it isn’t exaggeration to say this is the most significant conference of the year in Peru.

The speaker list also includes Ragi Burhum, Fernando D’Alessio, María Pía Morante, Diego Olcese, Carolina Huaranca, Andrea Stiglich, Hillmer Reyes, Amparo Nalvarte, Claudia Quintanilla, Miguel Paredes, María del Mar Vélez, Álvaro Henzler, Andrés Benavides, Juan Carlos Navarro, Freddy Vega, Sergio Nouvel, Doménica Obando, José Deustua and Maité Vizcarra are some of the great speakers.

The Innovate team led by Rosmary Cornejo and Carlos Rodrich has put together a top-notch agenda that is packed with the diverse group of young leaders that are using technology to build the future of Peru right before our eyes.

Please see below for the agenda for the November 3rd to 6th event and register here:

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