3 takeaways from the PECAP Q3 Report

The Peruvian Association of Seed and Venture Capital has published its third quarter report.

The key highlights this quarter are:

Venture capital funds investing in Peru startups:

  • Axon Partners investment in Turismoi for an undisclosed amount
  • 500 Startups investments in Fitco and Rebajatuscuentas.com
  • Magma Partners investment in Chaty

Corporate venture arms increasing activity:

  • Orbis Ventures announced investment in Ultracasas, a startup based in Bolivia
  • Mapping of 24 corporate innovation centers throughout Peru
  • Case study on Grupo El Comercio

Continued internationalization of startups outside Peru:

  • Participation in regional accelerator programs
  • Expansion to new markets

A special recognition to Lancen Fuller, who acted as ambassador to PECAP in compiling the discovery exercize of the corporate venture scene.

You can access the report here.


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