Peru is setting an example

The current Covid-19 outbreak has put pressure on governments to act. Peru’s goverment has taken quick, drastic action. So far, it has stood out as a model globally.

According to the International Survey on Coronavirus, with over 100,000 participants so far, Peru sits on the spectum of most extreme government reaction and most truthful government communication.

Below is a chart from the survey.

Do you think the reaction of your country’s government to the current coronavirus outbreak is appropriate, too extreme, or not sufficient?” International Survey on Coronavirus

International Survey on Coronavirus,

According to an analysis of past outbreaks, fast action saves lives and is better for future economic growh. The Economist magazine recently published a graph of the 1918 flu. The chart shows that cities in the United States that had stricter policies “fared best.”

Lessons from the Spanish flu: social distancing can be good for the economy“, The Economist

The Economist,

The world is starting to take notice of Peru and classifying the government’s reaction as an example. America’s Quarterly wrote a glowing review of the way Peru’s Finance Minister, Maria Alva, has confronted the crisis.

Peru’s leadership in this global crisis has stood out. It has been met a huge challenge and is confronting it in a fast, tactical, transparent way.

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