Service providers for startups

Startups are often looking for expert opinions on legal matters, technology and capital raising. PECAP has published a helpful list here: Directory of startup service providers in Lima. The list has contact information for some companies that have worked with startups before and have good references.

There are many ways for startups to find expert advice. Most accelerators and incubators have mentors committed to provide help for free. Some of the people listed in the directory are also mentors. However, startups are initially small, with limited resources, so is often hard for services providers to foresee how startups represent attractive clients.

I encourage all ecosystem actors to actively integrate these service providers into the Lima startup ecosystem by referring them to others and holding them to the highest standards at accessible prices. The more startups they work with, the greater level of knowledge sharing we will achieve and the more likely these service providers will find feasible (low cost) ways of supporting startups. We can create a virtuous cycle that mixes both open source for basic standards and paid services for specific, expert help. The service providers will, in turn, become increasingly more sophisticated.

If you have additional references of service providers please add them to the comment section below or contact PECAP to ask them to update the list.


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