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Last year, I wrote about some of the best newsletters and websites that share information on the Peru and Latin America startup communities.

This year, more people are sharing. The new content goes beyond news. Fresh voices are both providing deeper insights into how to launch startups and building broad platforms for startups founders to share their stories.

Here is some of the top content for 2020:

Startupable is the creation of Enzo Cavalie, a Peruvian who works at Dalus Capital in Mexico. The website is Latin America’s best new resource for startups. Enzo has built a content rich site that has the staying power to be a resource for startup founders for years to come.

Innovación sin Barreras is the new podcast of Jaime Sotomayor. He invites a great group of startup founders and investors to share stories. Jaime’s experience leading Wayra Peru provides him with great insights for how startups and corporates can work together.

UTEC Ventures has launched a new page on Medium and consistently shares a top-notch newsletter for the Peru startup community.

La Nueva Orden, from Herman Marin of Laboratoria, lauched at the end of last year and gives voice to a diverse group of guests from all over Latin America.

I like the name of La Nueva Orden (The New Order). The podcast, and all of the new content launching this year, is ushering in a new class of startup community leaders with regional reach.

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