Startups providing in-home resources

Startups in Peru and across Latin America are quickly responding to people’s needs. As local governments ask, or require, citizens to stay home, demand for in-home services has increased.

Local startups are playing a role in keep all of us calm and focused. Their solutions can be an important resource or valuable distraction.

Here are a few you can check out today:

Fitness. Fitco is offering in-home exercise classes through Butiq Live platform. You can also find virtual classes through Monkeyfitpass.

Health. Terapify, a startup in 500 Startup Latam’s current batch 11, offers the opportunity to connect with psychologists on-line. Smart Doctor is a free resource for medical consultations. Manzana Verde provides advice for those seeking to a healthy diet.

Education. Peru EdTech startup Crehana is a great way to learn new skills while at home. You can find learning resources for children at Crack the Code, Creacode.

Entertainment. Joinnus, a startup in the event space, is finding new ways to help people connect and be entertained during this difficult time. Follow the startup’s twitter feed to learn about on-line events.

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