Teasers: the CVs of Startups

A teaser, or one-pager, is a great way to share a startup’s story and value proposition. The purpose of a teaser is to spark interest and lead to a meeting.

A good teaser, like a good CV, includes relevant information in a standard structure, and has just enough creativity to not get lost in the pile.

SmartBeauty, a startup that is part of LIQUID Venture Studio, has a great teaser. Here is a link to the full teaser.

Kamelia Rodriguez, founder of SmartBeauty, follows some best practices that can be helpful for founders seeking to improve their teaser.

How to make a teaser:

1. Use a standard structure. SmartBeauty’s teaser has done a great job covering the following key points:

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Market
  • Business model
  • Competitive dynamics
  • Competitive advantage
  • Team

2. Add uniqueness. Use images of the product, diagrams of the business model, and logos of investors or clients. This will implant a picture of your startup in the reader’s mind.

3. Include some numbers. The teaser is supposed to be shared widely so it is mostly public information. Smart Beauty includes enough numbers (# clients, LTV/CAC ratio) to show the team is measuring the correct metrics for their B2B business model.

4. Analyze market dynamics. The founder’s job is to show market expertise. This can be accomplished by providing market size, growth, and key players. Add the startup’s competitive advantage in order to answer the question – how will you win?

How to use a teaser:

1. Get warm intros. When you ask for intros, the teaser will make it easy for others to share information in your own words.

2. Ask for a call or meeting. Send directly to potential investors to signal you are looking for a round of capital. Nicolas di Pace of Culqi, mentioned the one-pager as a necessary document for raising an investment round.

3. Fill out applications. Many programs have similar questionnaires and forms. When you have a standard teaser, it is a great starting point to fill out those applications quickly and with more clarity.

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