TECHSUYO – Building bridges

TECHSUYO is a conference organized and led by top Peruvian professionals in science, technology and innovation.  The conference rotates in location (Silicon Valley, Lima, Boston) in order to connect Peruvians globally. This year, conference will be in Lima on April 3rd.

The conference serves the local startup community in three ways:

  1. Bridge to international startup communities: Participants that live and work in Silicon Valley come to Lima 
  2. Link between corporates and founders: Technology professionals at HoloBuilder, Apple and Facebook will share experiences with startup CTOs in Lima
  3. Congregate technology experts: Entrepreneurs meet future co-founders and startups are born.
Members of  the TECHSUYO team (from

The conference is organized by a committee of volunteers which includes startup founders Eddy Wong and Alonso Mujica. Eddy was co-founder of Wanderu and Redphare before coming back to Peru to dedicate time as an entrepreneur in residence with Swisscontact and Wayra. Alonso founded Timov, a news portal for technology and startup enthusiasts in Peru, before launching Silabuz, an Edtech startup with presence in Peru and Chile.

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