The best of the best – Seedstars comes to Peru

This week marked the Seedstars LATAM Summit (#SSWLATAM) in Lima, Peru. It was a punctuation mark to a year full of startup community events in Lima that included Foro Xcala, 2 fintech conferences, PVCC and WeXchange. By my count, that is 6 regional events  for the calendar year. Add to this the multiple other local events, and we have had a great year in the Peru startup community.

The Seedstars team was tireless and seemingly everywhere all at once throughout the summit. A key member of the team, Romulo Navarrete, is a peruvian who is making his mark in the global startup community. UTEC Ventures was the host of the summit.

Romulo Navarrete of Seedstars leading a panel prior to the Investor <>Startup 1:1 meetings

Seedstars, besides putting together a content filled 3 days, held 1-1 investor meetings for the 20 winning founders who came to Lima. These founders were carefully selected as the representatives from countries across LATAM. Check them out. Literally the best of best from each of the participating countries. The Peru-based participant was

Day 2 of the Summit was highlighted by one of the best, most dynamic founder-investor meet-ups I have attended. Investors rotated between 20 tables where founders from each country had their pitches ready. Some of the tables were two and three investors deep. I’ve never seen that before in Lima. . . 

Seedstars Twitter handle says: “Talents are everywhere.” This week (and this year) that has proven true in Peru.

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