Who do you follow?

There is no one go-to place for information on the Peru startup ecosystem. Instead there are multiple “nodes” sharing ideas, opinions and events. That is a good thing and creates the positive ecosystem effect that will help startups grow.

On the right hand side of this blog there are links to key resources of information I refer to regularly. Below, is a list of the founders, investors and thought leaders that I follow. Most are on twitter. Some, specified below, use LinkedIn or Facebook.

To read what founders think:  

  • Patrick Wakeham a founder and investor that gives sharp opinions on best practices in early stage startups
  • Mariana Costa shares views on global impact and technology.  
  • Ragi Burhum writes,mostly on Facebook and also El Comercio print edition, about what we as an ecosystem can learn from Silicon Valley.
  • Monica Chavez of Andina Art (on LinkedIn and Facebook) writes about her journey as a founder in Cusco and Lima.
  • Martin Baes Nuñez shares about his journey with GetLavado in Bogota and Lima
  • Pedro Neira is an avid reader of startup books who shares his ideas
  • Eddy Wong posts on technology and is a great resource for CTOs

To see what specific Peru startups are doing: Joinnus, Laboratoria, Crehana, and Blazing DB

To get a pulse of the local startup community and learn about events: StartUp Perú, EmprendeUP (Twitter and LinkedIn), Endeavor Peru (Twitter and Facebook), Wayra Perú, and Angel Ventures Peru (Twitter and Facebook)  

To connect with active members of the Peru startup community: Arturo Coral (and LinkedIn), Charlotte Ducrot, Giancarlo Falconi (LinkedIn), and Jaime Sotomayor. All have wide reach and post information and resources. Local investors that post regularly on LinkedIn are Jose García Herz, Lucho Lira and Javier Benavides.

To learn from local thought leaders: Sergio Rodríguez (innovation and economic development), Marlene Molero (diversity and gender), Javier Salinas (Fintech), Oscar Montezuma (legal), Alvaro Castro on LinkedIn (legal),  Andres Benavides (startup best practices), and Gonzalo Villarán (innovation and public policy)

To connect with the regional startup ecosystem: Susana Garcia-Robles (IDB Lab), Andrés Fontao (Finnovista), Federico Antoni (ALLVP), and Nate Lustig (Magma Partners)

This is the list where I go for information and ideas. What other people or sources should I be following?


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