👀 Who reads your investor updates?

There are plenty of resources out there to draw inspiration when writing a monthly or quarterly investor update for your startup – some even down to explaining why we need them.

So, here’s my own take on who really reads an investor update?

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Make it easy to say “yes”

Photo by Julian Lozano on Unsplash

Startup founders have an uphill climb to acquire new clients and raise money from investors.

If you are a startup founder, in order to achieve your goals, you will have to do other people’s work for them. The good news is that when you do, you will increase your probability of success.

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No son “proyectos” “lindos” liderados por “chic@s”

En nuestro afán de querer mejorar el mundo es común querer ayudar a “chicos a llevar a cabo lindos proyectos,” pero en cuanto se trata de una startup, esa frase no guarda relación con la realidad.

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6 founders reaching new heights

The founder journey is never a straight path. It is long, winding, and involves multiple stops along the way.

Next time you’re looking for advisor or mentor consider the founders below. They have lived through the trials of a launching startups and never stop learning.

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5 reasons 2019 is Peru’s breakout year in fintech

The year is only three-quarters done, but it is safe to say 2019 has been a breakout year for fintech in Peru. Both the breadth and depth of the fintech ecosystem have increased compared to a year ago.

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La Ruta Startup también pasa por las regiones

Apostar por un desarrollo descentralizado en el Perú es fundamental para continuar con el crecimiento económico del país. Así lo demuestra el Plan Nacional de Competitividad y Productividad (2019-2030) que el Gobierno publicó hace unos meses atrás. Este plan indica claramente que nuestras instituciones estatales tendrán un enfoque descentralizado debido a la alta disparidad productiva que existe entre las regiones.

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5 questions to ask startup investors in Latin America

Founders get to ask questions too. There is an important moment in an pitch meetings when founders have the opportunity to turn the tables on investors.

Founders who ask the right questions will gain valuable information that with allow them to probablity-weight investor interest.

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Tech talent in Peru

Talent is not a one way street. It enters (and leaves) startup ecosystems in many ways. I recently wrote a post for Get on Board about talent for startups in Peru and the ways talented technology professionals are entering our adding energy and insights to our startup community.

Three ways talent is connecting in Peru:
  1. Global startups are hiring local teams.
  2. Return of Peruvians trained abroad.
  3. Corporate-startup knowledge transfer.

Here is the full article that with ideas for both startups and corporates looking to connect with talent:

How Peruvian startups can connect with talent

You can read more posts and learn about tech talent in Peru and Latin America at Get on Board’s Medium site here.