Startups providing in-home resources

Startups in Peru and across Latin America are quickly responding to people’s needs. As local governments ask, or require, citizens to stay home, demand for in-home services has increased.

Local startups are playing a role in keep all of us calm and focused. Their solutions can be an important resource or valuable distraction.

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Guía para trabajo remoto

Hoy tenemos que hacer todo lo que esté en nuestras manos para reducir el contagio, una de esas cosas es fomentar el trabajo remoto. Hace un poco más de un año y medio que vengo trabajando remoto y la última semana tuvimos que mover el programa educativo que manejo de totalmente presencial a completamente remoto. No me considero un experto pero acá les compartiré mis lecciones. Comenzaré con las sugerencias para que las empresas estén listas y luego hablaré de como individualmente lo puedes manejar mejor. 

Cómo preparar tu empresa para ir remoto:

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Remote Work 101

For the next few weeks many companies with implement remote work. Startups that have launched with remote DNA are prepared. This will be a competitive advantage compared to corporations with structured work days whose employees will take time to adjust. A flexible mindset allows startups to think about hiring talent and selling to customers who don’t live in the same city. 

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Nunca dejes de correr

Con esa frase me despedí de una conversación con un founder.  Habíamos empezado a conversar sobre sus últimos resultados y una nueva estrategia que estaba proponiendo para su negocio, dado que no se habían podido lograr los objetivos de crecimiento.  Analizamos otros casos, tocando varios ejemplos de situaciones similares, pero con resultados diferentes sacando conclusiones de cada uno.

Photo by Fabio Comparelli on Unsplash
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7 ways to maximize your fundraising options

Raising money for startups is hard. Harder still if you start in Latin America where there are still only a limited number of funding options. This effects how founders should consider the fundraising process.

Founders can focus on optimizing resources of talent, support, advice, contacts and money, in order to maximize future options. You will eventually reach the milestone you seek, but probably not in the way you thought when you first set out.

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How to build a data room

When preparing to raise and investment round from venture capital funds it is helpful to prepare materiales ahead of time. Many funds have similar due diligence processes and being organized is a clear signal that you are ready to take on capital. Investors rarely see how founders run the day-to-day operations so how they manage the fundraising process is usually investors only window into how founders execute.

A data room, or shared folders, is a common practice for running a financial transactions to share information. You can control who sees what and when they see it, while at the same time being transparent and efficient.

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👀 Who reads your investor updates?

There are plenty of resources out there to draw inspiration when writing a monthly or quarterly investor update for your startup – some even down to explaining why we need them.

So, here’s my own take on who really reads an investor update?

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Make it easy to say “yes”

Photo by Julian Lozano on Unsplash

Startup founders have an uphill climb to acquire new clients and raise money from investors.

If you are a startup founder, in order to achieve your goals, you will have to do other people’s work for them. The good news is that when you do, you will increase your probability of success.

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No son “proyectos” “lindos” liderados por “chic@s”

En nuestro afán de querer mejorar el mundo es común querer ayudar a “chicos a llevar a cabo lindos proyectos,” pero en cuanto se trata de una startup, esa frase no guarda relación con la realidad.

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6 founders reaching new heights

The founder journey is never a straight path. It is long, winding, and involves multiple stops along the way.

Next time you’re looking for advisor or mentor consider the founders below. They have lived through the trials of a launching startups and never stop learning.

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