Techstars – Recommendations for Lima’s startup community

Chris Heivly of Techstars recently conducted an assessment of the Lima Startup Community. This is an excellent resource – an objective and highly credible measure of where we stand and how we can do a better job of building our startup community.

This effort was supported by the following ecosystem actors: Startup Peru, COFIDE, Swisscontact, Endeavor Peru, UTEC Ventures, Wayra, Tekton Labs, Angel Ventures Peru and all the founders that participated in interviews and events.

Chris conducted the assessment by interviewing founders and other ecosystem actors as well as attending events like the Peru Venture Capital Conference, Peru Emprende, and UTEC DemoDay.

The assessment, which has been replicated in many startup communities in the United States, places startup communities at different maturity levels ranging from 1 to 7.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 9.23.26 PM
Founders are at the center of the Techstars Startup Community Assessment Model

Lima is currently at Level 2: “Foundational – The building blocks”

Chris provided us with the following action items:

★Adopt a Culture of Collaboration

★Develop Talent for the Long Term

★Create a Destination

Here is the full report: Techstars Lima Startup Community Assessment

Over the following weeks, this blog will seek to share further insights from the assessment.



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