Valuation Benchmarks

Comparable transactions are a great benchmark for founders and investors and one way to get comfortable with a startup’s valuation as it is raising capital. There are many ways arrive at valuation and a range of values using multiple methodologies often provides more comfort than a fixed number extended out to various decimal places. Continue reading “Valuation Benchmarks”

Service providers for startups

Startups are often looking for expert opinions on legal matters, technology and capital raising. PECAP has published a helpful list here: Directory of startup service providers in Lima. The list has contact information for some companies that have worked with startups before and have good references. Continue reading “Service providers for startups”

Startup Metrics – GMV

Startups que han logrado tracción de usuarios y ingresos pueden empezar a hacer un seguimiento de sus KPIs (key performance metrics) y KFIs (key financial metrics). Founders escogen las métricas que son las mas relevantes para su startup. Las métricas pueden variar de una startup a otra y para la misma startup durante su trayectoria.  Founders deben compartir esas métricas claves con sus equipos e inversionistas. Continue reading “Startup Metrics – GMV”

Lima’s startup ecosystem

I really enjoyed reading this recent article on Lima’s startup ecosystem. It is a comprehensive take on the progress and status of our startup community. I like how it highlights the role of various actors: WAYRA, Startup Peru, PECAP, all working together and each contributing in their own way. I also like how it correctly identifies serial entrepreneurs as a key driver of the ecosystem. Continue reading “Lima’s startup ecosystem”