What is startup success?

For a startup coming out of Peru, 1 million paid users seems like a good measurement.

Joinnus, an event platform, recently announced that 1 million people have used its technology to attend events in Peru. The startup builds community by providing a way for people to find their way to book fairs, concerts, sporting events, and workshops. Their long tail strategy  connects people from all walks of life and interests.

Hard-working founders, scrappy, and soft-spoken founders, Carolina Botto and Domingo Seminario, have gone up against big incumbents with great founder-startup fit and a genuine mission to join people together. The startup has been a beneficiary of a strong ecosystem in Peru, accelerated by Wayra and UTEC Ventures. Javier Salinas of EmprendeUP played a key role in securing their recent financing round.

Success is for startup founders is often hard to define and fleeting. Startups need to grow fast and every milestone reached brings a new challenge. We often celebrate fundraising rounds, when we should be celebrating exits. The reality is that there are many steps along the startup journey, all are worth celebrating, every metric reached, every new team member.

Joinnus’s 1,000,000 users it is big deal – for the startup and Peru. It may not fit into a sustainable development goal, but in an increasingly divisive, sometimes lonely world, using technology to get people together to experience sports, art, culture and music is an impact we can all celebrate.

Join me in celebrating the success of Joinnus!

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