Techstars – Recommendations for Lima’s startup community

Chris Heivly of Techstars recently conducted an assessment of the Lima Startup Community. This is an excellent resource – an objective and highly credible measure of where we stand and how we can do a better job of building our startup community. Continue reading “Techstars – Recommendations for Lima’s startup community”

Why immigrants are essential to Peru’s startup community

Immigrants are a key driver for Peru’s startup community. Founders from other countries bring fresh ideas and valuable connections.  Matias Maciel, an Argentine, moved to Peru to take on a regional role at Western Union’s finance team. Now, Matias is CFO and co-founder of Rextie, startup that helps users find the best FX rates and exchange money. Continue reading “Why immigrants are essential to Peru’s startup community”

Is English a must for startup founders?

No, but it definitely helps. Building startups is hard and founders should look for ways to increase the probability of success. One way to do this is to use English. Founders that are comfortable writing and speaking in English open themselves up to a wider range of funding sources, advisors and talent. Continue reading “Is English a must for startup founders?”

Peru Venture Capital Conference 2018

This year the Peru Venture Capital Conference will take place on September 11th. The theme is “Invest in the future” – a great way to think about supporting startup communities and  backing founders in the Peru ecosystem.

The conference will have a group speakers, including Jason Portnoy, formerly of PayPal and Palantir.

Last year, Chris Heivly of Techstars was the keynote speaker and his message that day, and work in our ecosystem since then, continue to leave an enduring impact.

UTEC is playing a leading role in organizing the event locally, along with the support of IDB, FOMIN, COFIDE and Startup Peru.

I encourage you to sign up here now and attend. Events like this help our startup community to grow and connect with founders and investors outside of Peru.

When is the right time to set up an International HoldCo?

Members of Peru’s startup community have collaborated with advisors outside Peru to develop a report outlining considerations for startups evaluating creating international holding companies.

When should a startup evaluate creating an international holding company?

Continue reading “When is the right time to set up an International HoldCo?”

Just don’t call it ‘Corporate Governance’

I don’t like the term corporate governance much, but I am a huge fan of what it represents and how much it can help startups. It should just be called “getting the best people together to support a startup”.  Good corporate governance can help founders achieve their goals, both by building trust with investors and pointing founders in the right direction. Continue reading “Just don’t call it ‘Corporate Governance’”