How to land an advisor for your startup

Mentors and advisors are essential for startups. The best mentors are often successful founders who have already led companies through a period of rapid growth. Some angel investors will add value and play the role of mentors, but many founders actively seek out independent advisors. Continue reading “How to land an advisor for your startup”

Free legal documents for seed rounds!

PECAP has recently shared templates for legal documents for seed rounds in Peru.  The documents are a great starting point for discussing general terms with early stage investors and making seed rounds less costly for both founders and investors. The Swiss Entrepreneurship Program provided a key role in supporting this initiative. Montezuma & Porto law offices led a collaborative effort that included input from founders, investors and other lawyers. Continue reading “Free legal documents for seed rounds!”

Tools for startups

Founders in Peru are as efficient and productive as possible with extremely limited resources (money, talent, and time). Teams often waste valuable time traveling across town to a meeting that could be done via a video call. In-person meeting are great, but its also OK to train investors and clients that you are a startup. It will help filter out those that aren’t interested and will be in the best interest of all parties moving forward.

Continue reading “Tools for startups”

500 Startups LatAm – Batch 9 Applications

500 Startups LatAm has an application process open for its next batch. Founders can apply here by May 20th.  The program invests $60,000 in startups that go through a 16-week program designed to drive startup growth and make connections to top investors. Continue reading “500 Startups LatAm – Batch 9 Applications”

Startup Metrics – Revenue

Revenue should be a straightforward metric. Unfortunately, it’s not. It often takes unnecessary time away from a fundraising pitch to understand how a startup makes money. Being vague on numbers and sharing confusing or, wrong metrics, is an easy way to get investors to tune out. Instead, build trust by using the right metrics. Continue reading “Startup Metrics – Revenue”

Startup investor pitfalls

I recently spoke to Fernando Langschwager about his startup,  After a short time, he looked at me and told me I was asking the wrong questions. For novice startup investors like me, it is easy to fall into the trap of evaluating startups from the wrong perspective.  I spent the rest of the chat with Fernando listening to his views on where I was getting off track and he helped me come up with three pitfalls startup investors fall into: Continue reading “Startup investor pitfalls”