Peru’s tech entrepreneurs can get us out of this crisis

Positive actions have been taken by traditional actors to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 in Peru. The government has taken strong steps to enforce a quarantine and implement fiscal stimulus. Many corporations are working overtime provide basic needs, including food, health and financial services.

However, opening up effectively poses an entirely different set of challenges. This is where startup founders come in. Peru’s startup founders have been thought leaders in analyzing the effects of the crisis and offering solutions.

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The long haul

Peru enters its 75th day of government mandated quarantine today. Unfortunately, despite the quick, strong action to enforce physical distancing, Peru continues to be deeply affected by the coronavirus.

I was recently reminded of the Stockdale Paradox, which highlights the benefits of balancing optimism with reality when faced with extreme challenges. James Stockdale was a Prisoner of War in Vietnam. He said the following:

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PECAP’s new leadership team

The members of PECAP have chosen new leaders to set the course for the coming year and continue to build the venture capital asset class in Peru.

Maria Pia Morante, of Acumen LatAm Capital Partners, and Meghan Stevenson-Krausz of INCA Ventures became new members of the PECAP Board and continuity was achieved as Alain Elias, of PAD – Red de Inversionistas Ángeles , Martin Aspillaga, of Salkantay, and Jose Deutsua of UTEC Ventures will continue another year. Jose Deustua takes the helm as President, after the very successful leadership of Alain Elias that culminated in the recent publication of the 2019 Report.

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AWS steps up support of startups in Peru

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has increased its presence in Peru and, with that its support of local startups. Alex Harasic, who previously founded startup Operatio, is now Business Development Manager, Startups & Venture Capital, for Chile and Peru.

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Peru is setting an example

The current Covid-19 outbreak has put pressure on governments to act. Peru’s goverment has taken quick, drastic action. So far, it has stood out as a model globally.

According to the International Survey on Coronavirus, with over 100,000 participants so far, Peru sits on the spectum of most extreme government reaction and most truthful government communication.

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Startup solidarity

Solidarity among Peruvians has remained strong during the first weeks of the goverment-mandated quaratine period. Citizens are staying home and doing their best to manage the challanges brought by the novel coronavirus.

This solidarity of the general population has extended to startups, many of which are in a great position to provide support. In some cases, this support comes in the form of providing resources and ideas for managing time at home. In others, startup support comes in the form of a digital channel to provide direct resources to people most in need.

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Startups providing in-home resources

Startups in Peru and across Latin America are quickly responding to people’s needs. As local governments ask, or require, citizens to stay home, demand for in-home services has increased.

Local startups are playing a role in keep all of us calm and focused. Their solutions can be an important resource or valuable distraction.

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Guía para trabajo remoto

Hoy tenemos que hacer todo lo que esté en nuestras manos para reducir el contagio, una de esas cosas es fomentar el trabajo remoto. Hace un poco más de un año y medio que vengo trabajando remoto y la última semana tuvimos que mover el programa educativo que manejo de totalmente presencial a completamente remoto. No me considero un experto pero acá les compartiré mis lecciones. Comenzaré con las sugerencias para que las empresas estén listas y luego hablaré de como individualmente lo puedes manejar mejor. 

Cómo preparar tu empresa para ir remoto:

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Remote Work 101

For the next few weeks many companies with implement remote work. Startups that have launched with remote DNA are prepared. This will be a competitive advantage compared to corporations with structured work days whose employees will take time to adjust. A flexible mindset allows startups to think about hiring talent and selling to customers who don’t live in the same city. 

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¡Sin pánico, pero con precaución!

COVID-19, nombre oficial del Corona Virus ya ha sido detectado en 97 países y seguramente serán más de cien al final de esta semana.  Algunos como China han disminuido su crecimiento con medidas radicales que han afectado materialmente su actividad económica.  Otros como Italia, Corea del Sur e Irán ven crecer los casos y están empezando a tomar medidas parecidas a China en cuanto a restricciones de movimiento de personas y eventos públicos.  Hay serias limitaciones al tránsito de personas, así como algunos bienes que son producidos en las zonas más afectadas.  La bolsa ha caído casi 20% desde su pico el 19 de febrero.  El precio del petróleo Brent ha llegado a USD 35 aproximadamente, por la disminución de la demanda y la guerra entre los principales productores mundiales. 

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2 years of Ruta Startup!

We started Ruta Startup two years ago to share the progress of the Peru startup community through the eyes of people across the ecosystem.

It wouldn’t have been possible over the last twelve months without the writing and feedback from active members of the startup community, including Luis Narro, Jose Garcia Herz, Jia Li Tan, Andres Benavides, Enzo Cavalie, Ivonne Quiñones, Carlos Rodrich, Anson Tou, Renzo Reyes, Elias Mufarech, Diego Bartra, Ernesto de Olazaval, Charlotte Ducrot, Paola Mego, Valeria Reyes and Oriana Fuentes.

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